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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What makes Enterprise Business Consulting different from all of the other web companies out there?
Answer: There are so many Web development companies in the marketplace that have left small businesses flapping in the wind. Although this is a proven space to be in, many small businesses today are still not established on the World Wide Web and/or have not figured out how to leverage the World Wide Web to help achieve business goals. To them, the cost and effort of setting up and maintaining a web site outweighs the possible returns that could be generated. ENTERPRISE strives to identify and help those small businesses that need assistance in establishing and/or maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web to remain competitive in the current marketplace.

Question: When did Enterprise Business Consulting go into business?
Answer: Enterprise Business Consulting was officially incorporated in January of 2000.

Question: Domain name registration seems so common today. Can't I just buy a name and that's it?
Answer: Well, yes you can buy a domain name, however after purchase, that name needs to be managed. Part of the management is knowing when and how to renew that domain name. Also, that name needs to be mapped to hosting services in order to become functional. A web site is addressed on the Internet by the use of domain names. It is necessary for each client to register the domain name(s) that are appropriate for advertising the business, and also to renew this domain name on an annual basis. ENTERPRISE will take the worry away from the client about registration and renewal by doing it for our clients.

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