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Domain Name Registration
A web site is addressed on the Internet by the use of domain names. It is necessary for each client to register the domain name(s) that are appropriate for advertising the business, and also to renew this domain name on an annual basis. ENTERPRISE takes the worry away from the client with regard to registration and renewal, by doing it for our clients.

Web Hosting
It is important that the platform hosting the web site is running current technology, is highly reliable, and provides flexibility and scalability. We have worked with an exclusive Web Hosting company over the last few years, and as many other customers, been very pleased with their services. Therefore, ENTERPRISE looks forward to adding our own clients to this exclusive Web Hosting service.

Web Design
ENTERPRISE can do it all for you. Images, logos, page layouts, frames, animations, dynamic content sections, menus, planning, and more... Our experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will work to guarantee you will be satisfied with the end product.

Content Maintenance
For a Web site that has content and information that is always changing, the right content maintenance team in place to handle the changes is essential. ENTERPRISE extends its services to help clients maintain the Web site content and keep the information presented on the Web site up to date. For those clients that would like to take control of their content maintenance, and be able to update the Web site at will, ENTERPRISE can provide the client with custom tools that are derived from the Enterprise Custom Tool Suite (ECTS). This tool set enables ENTERPRISE to quickly model dynamic content needs from a Web site, and provide a client with the custom tools necessary to add, edit, delete, or view information that is placed on the Web site. These tools are ideal for "clients on the go", that wish to keep their Web site content current.

Web Site Promotion
Developing a Web site is the first step of the process. However, the second step, and very important step, is to make the site known in the Internet space. Many Web sites have been developed, but cannot be found on the Internet. We realize that it is important for each client site to get full Internet exposure, to give the marketplace a chance to visit the Web site. It is our goal to make each client site known to the world.

Web Site Management
Clients always have the flexibility of adding, enhancing and modifying the current design of their web site. ENTERPRISE realizes that these design changes may come from adding more web pages in the web site (i.e. a “new look” page) or changing an image that was placed on a particular web page. As each task has its own level of complexity, ENTERPRISE will coordinate and negotiate practical costs and timelines associated with each change. In addition to helping to manage changes, ENTERPRISE will help the client to test the new enhancements. Whether a web designers or an individual that is developing a web site, it is always helpful for another set of eyes to try out the new product.

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